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Dr. Richard G. Howe Dr. Howe’s discussion with Dr. Michael Ruse on “Can There Be Good Without God?” Does God Exist? (Dr. Howe's debate with Dr. Piet Croucamp at the University of Johannesburg) [Advisory: offensive language from the atheist] ”What Is Philosophy? (Dr. Howe on Cross-Examined with Dr. Frank Turek) Interview with Dr. Howe on Apologetics 315 “The Religion of the Force” (presentation at the “In Question” series at GraceLife Church, Pineville, NC Oct. 10/28/15) Dr. Tom Howe Isaiah 46:8 - Declaring the End from the Beginning The Old Testament Jesus in the Gospel of John John 7:53-8:11 - Moses and Jesus Understanding the Genesis Account Old Testament Hermeneutics 1 Old Testament Hermeneutics 2 Misquoting Jesus: How Dr. Bart Erhman Does It


Dr. Richard G. Howe “Does God Exist?” (Dr. Howe’s debate with Dr. Michael Shermer) Richard G. Howe, K. Scott Oliphint, and Jason Lisle Panel Discussion on Apologetic Method God: Human Invention or Not? (Dr. Howe’s dialogue with Dr. Abel Pienaar on the campus of Stellenbosch University in Stellenbosch (Cape Town), South Africa) Exploring Mormonism 01a 02a 03a 04a 01b 02b 03b 04b 01c 02c 03c 04c (check Dr. Howe’s YouTube Channel for more videos) Classical Theism from Wireless Philosophy Part 1: Two Conceptions of God-Classical Theism and Theistic Personalism Part 2: Arguments for Classical Theism Part 3: God’s Omnipotence Part 4: God’s Omniscience Part 5: God’s Goodness and Justice Part 6: Evil and the Goodness in the World Part 7: Atheist Arguments from Evil Dr. Edward Feser Natural Theology Must Be Grounded in the Philosophy of Nature, Not Natural Science An Aristotelian Proof of the Existence of God Jim Zangmeister Videos Is God Good? Does God Exist? (content by Dr. William Lane Craig) The Fine Tuning of the Universe (content by Dr. William Lane Craig)

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“Good philosophy must exist, if for no other reason, because bad philosophy needs to be answered.” C. S. Lewis

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