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Answering the Apostles of the New Atheism (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Answering the Arguments of Popular Atheism (color) Apologetic Systems 1: Introduction (color) 2: Positions on the Theistic Proofs (color) 3: Cataloging Apologetic Systems (color) 4: Classical Apologetics (color) 5: Evidentialism (color) 6: Presuppositionalism new (color) The Bible on Jesus (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) A Christian Perspective on the Occult 1: Introduction (color) 2: Extreme Occultism - Satanism (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) 3: Moderate Occultism - Witchcraft (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) 4: Mainstream Occultism - New Age Movement (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) 5: “Christian” Occultism - The Word of Faith Movement (color) Classical vs. Presuppositional Apologetics (a.k.a. “Faith, Reason, or Both?”) (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) The Concept of Truth in the Inerrancy Debate, Revisited (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) The Design Argument: Aquinas vs. Paley (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Don’t You Believe It! Exposing Logical Fallacies (color) The Euthyphro Dilemma (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) The Existence of God Pt. 1: Introduction (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Pt. 2: The Kalam Cosmological Argument (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Pt. 3: The Design (Teleological) Argument (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x)            The Design Argument: Aquinas vs. Paley (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Pt. 4: The Thomistic Argument (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Debate with Dr. Ed Buckner (color) Exposing Logical Fallacies (color) Faith, Reason, or Both? (a.k.a. Classical vs. Presuppositional Apologetics) (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) God and Morality (color) God Fading Away (color) God’s Word or Man’s Word? (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Having Done All These Things: Comments on Hebrews 6:4-6a (color) (bw) [go here for notes and here for handout] Historicity of the Bible (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) How Theology Needs Philosophy Pt. 1: Introduction (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Pt. 2: Foundation (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Pt. 3: Meaning (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Pt. 4: Doctrine (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Inerrancy (color) (bw) (3x bw3x) (bw6x) Introduction to Apologetics (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Introduction to New Religious Movements (formerly titled “Introduction to the Cults”) The Marks of a Cult (color) James, Dead Faith, Salvation, and Justification: James 2:14-26 (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) [go here for notes] Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Marks of a Cult (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Loving God with All Your Mind (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) The Marks of a Cult (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Mormonism (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Natural Law Theory / Natural Law Morality (color) On Building a World View (color) On The Da Vinci Code: An Analysis of Its Claims (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) The Problem of Evil (color) Relativism and Pluralism (color) Religion of the Force: An Analysis of Star Wars    (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Religious Pluralism (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Richard Dawkins The God Delusion (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Seeing Is Believing? (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Think Like You Mean It! Exposing Logical Fallacies (color) Thomistic Argument for the Existence of God (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) The Truth about Truth (color) What about Those Who Have Never Heard the Gospel? (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) Why I Don’t Have a Biblical Worldview (and You Shouldn’t Either) (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) [go here for notes] The Word of Faith Movement (color) World Religions 01: Preliminary Considerations (color) 02: What About Those Who Have Never Heard the Gospel? (color) (bw) (bw3x) (bw6x) 03: Miracles - A Philosophy, Theology and Apologetic (color) 04: Hinduism (color) new 05: Buddhism (color) 06: Chinese Popular Religion (color) 07: Islam (color) 08: Islam: Was Muhammad a Prophet of God? (color) 09: Christianity and the Mystery Religions (color)

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